Half-hour Pilot
Created by Jeffrey Hirschberg
LOGLINE: A dramedy about a dysfunctional family that owns the nation’s largest tobacco company. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT meets EMPIRE.
TAGLINE: Family can be a drag. 
Starring: Caprice Benedetti, Bill Dawes, Jake Elitzer, Todd Litzinger, Ned Luke, Tommy Nohilly, Kenzie Nothnagel, and Sheila Tapia. Narration by Jim Cummings. Official Selection: Pilot Light TV Festival.

Kenzie Nothnagel as Lilly Wiley

Todd Litzinger as Logan Wiley  

Jake Elitzer as Kyle Wiley

Ned Luke as Randolph Wiley

Tommy Nohilly as Wendell Wiley

Caprice Benedetti as Janice Wiley

Sheila Tapia as Marie Wiley